English speaking photographer commercial in Paris

English speaking photographer commercial in Paris

English speaking photographer commercial in Paris, professional diploma.
12 years of professional experience.
Paris, Ile-de-France, other regions are possible.
Shooting in Paris 7’s own photo studio and on site at customers.
Professional photography (technique, composition, light, color, HDR technology, etc.) Classic post-production and creative and artistic post-production of the images made according to the order. Editing (special image editing and application of advanced editing) and management of the formats of the photos to be delivered.
Professional high-end specialized photographic equipment.
Officially accredited by the National Commerce Digitization Program as an activator.


Real estate/ luxury real estate/ hospitality/ commercial real estate
Architecture and decoration
Big space
Aerial photo and video (Ile-de-France, Normandy, neighboring regions)
Products/ e-commerce
Shooting for advertising
Staged photo
Atmosphere photo
Portrait/ business portrait
Photography and artist portfolio
show photography
Event performances

Aerial photo and video (Paris, Ile-de-France, Normandy, neighboring regions):
– remote pilot certificate from DGAC, Directorate General of Civil Aviation
– insurance of using aircraft
– drones approved by the DGAC
– high definition photo&video, Full HD, 4K
Installation of studio equipment at the client’s premises.
It is possible to attract specialists for filming (interior decorator, make-up artist, etc.)
For more information, do not hesitate to contact me English speaking photographer commercial in Paris , I will be happy to answer your questions.

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